Unfortunately he balks at the task of escorting a living soul, being accustomed to dealing with the dead. It’s generally easiest to just wail on the banshees with your L+Square attack to force the minigame and finish them off. The concept of moving blocks around to certain areas such as highlighted squares, or switches, or in order to get past a maze. Charon will use his scythe attacks, then switch to flinging balls of energy at you. God of war: Chains of Olympus is a prequel to God of war. On the normal difficulty setting, you can be pretty balls-out with your attacks without worrying too much; the incoming attacks won't deal a huge amount of damage. It's a hard life. After they’re all dead, a new, armored enemy will appear. After a while you'll be able to minigame them to death. Stick with the Blades of Chaos here, wear off the cyclops' armor, and hit them from long range with normal attacks while dodging away from their blows. Be prepared to guard against their attacks. The Light of Dawn is essentially a ranged attack, letting you hit distant enemies with powerful balls of light. You can either use the default attack combos or the upgraded L+Square combos if you've upgraded your Blades of Chaos. Feather #17 - Now look to the right of this same area to find this chest. At first, Persephone will attack you with her melee attacks. The next big fight will consist of first one armored cyclops, then two cyclopes, with harpies filling in for the annoyance factor. This also protects you from enemy attacks, making it a handy escape button when you're about to get pounded by larger enemies. Move towards the glowing object in front of you to pick up the Primordial Fire. The game is the fourth installment in the God of War series, the second chronologically, and a prequel to the original God of War. There's a Red Orb Chest off to the right a bit, as well as another chest to the left. When you cross it, head to the right and downwards to find a Gorgon Eye and a Red Orb Chest. Kill the soldiers inside the building, then refill your health with the chest nearby. That’ll pop up a crank which focuses a beam of light on anything you aim it at. Spinning the crank all the way will prevent any more banshees from spawning. Kill them and open the Red Orb Chest and the other chest to find a Gorgon Eye. With that done, you'll need to punch the little spike near the end of the chains to reach a cliff leading out of Tartarus. The next large area will have more armored minotaurs. These guys can take a beating and can also wear down your health (especially if you fail at a minigame to kill them). At the top, you'll find a throne with a skeleton on it. After defeating all of the soldiers (just wait for them to stop coming), fire the ballista nearby into the ship. Kill all of the Gorgons to move on. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for God of War Chains of Olympus Kratos' Sword Keychain,God of War Game Jewelry,Kratos' Sword Model Keychain at Amazon.com. Return to the statue and light it up to power up one of the horses at the Steed Shrine, as well as reveal a new passageway leading downward. After riding the elevator, head down the steps to the right to find a Phoenix Feather. At this point, you need to stand in the golden circle on the ground and hit L to redirect the sun at her. The camera in this large room now points the opposite direction, highlighting an island-of-sorts beyond. In this Game Guide to God of War: Chains of Olympus, we're going to offer up a full walkthrough for the game. If you're interested in more information on Chains of Olympus, including the unlockable bonus features, check out our Hints and Cheats page for the game. Go through this opened doorway to a landing with a corpse on a throne. It's not too difficult to complete, so long as you recognize that tapping the left and right shoulder buttons needs to stop as soon as the icon disappears from your screen. Chains is a leaner and more compact experience than its console cousins in many regards. Head out the doorway here and climb down the cliff to reach the bottom. At the end of the path, you’ll come across a vicious cold-breathing tiger enemy. The two statues with shields that face north should be placed on the southern pressure plates. If you jump into the water near the statues and wade off to the west a bit, you’ll find a Gorgon Eye in a chest. At its lowest level, this is simply an area-of-effect damage spell that will hit all nearby enemies for a decent amount of damage. That will let you enter a long corridor where you’ll find a couple of Red Orb Chests and a Phoenix Feather. Horse Puzzle 1 Euros (HR1) Horse Puzzle 2 Totos (HR2) Horse Puzzle 3 Zephyros (HR3) Q. Keep an ear out for the sound that indicates you can attempt the minigame and defeat it. The Basilisk has two attacks of its own here. You’ll find a Red Orb Chest on your way. Grab the Phoenix Feather near the start point here, then climb down the cliff to reach the Red Orb Chest. This section will be a basic description of these weapons and magical attacks. The horse should lift up so you can press the 0 button on it. Just keep in mind that you can't stop a combo when it starts. Hitting the Basilisk will let you open the door nearby to move on. You'll probably want to upgrade your weapons first, as they'll be what you use against every enemy you face, but by the end of the game you'll probably have enough orbs to upgrade all of your weapons and magic to the maximum level. Aerial Olympic Thunder for the win! He will use his typical mouth attack here, which hits twice and is blockable. This is the same as parrying a blow, but it will now work with projectile attacks…like the ones that are about to come your way from the shielded enemies in front of you. Jump over this attack and use an aerial attack of your own to deal damage while the monster is distracted. This is the last save point in the game, so take advantage of it. Nearby, you’ll run into your first banshee. There’s a corridor halfway up the wall that leads to a locked door; presumably that’ll be how you return to the steed shrine later on. When you're done, open the door to the north first to find some chests, then open the door on the eastern side of the area to head upstairs after Calliope. A rather difficult fight ensues, as two minotaurs will appear one after the other while archers pelt you from the sidelines. After a while, she'll start pulling pieces of the ground up and flinging them at you, but these can be double-jumped over relatively easily. Higher levels will let you deal more damage with all of your attacks as well as unlock new combos. Again, just use normal attacks here; if you use a combo, like Cyclone of Chaos, you won't be able to dodge in the middle of it and will almost always be hit by Charon's Wrath, which hurts. Save your game and drop down off the fall nearby. In addition, he can also set his sword alight for one massive swing, or call upon the power of Efreet to deal damage all around him. Head into it and follow the path leading onward. You'll soon come across archers. The enemies that spawn here will have shields that you'll need to break, in fact; do so by holding down the square button and charging into them, then finish them off as normal. Eventually she'll wise up and start reflecting your own reflections back at you, which you will then have to catch and reflect again; these reflection wars can go on for four or five reflections before she's eventually knocked off the pedestal. Thus begins the next phase of this level. Drag it down to the southwestern pressure plate and place the statue on top of it, then head back to the crank and aim the light beam at the statue. At any rate, Charon has two major attacks here. Go after the archers first; grab attacks automatically kill them. If you don't attack quickly enough, however, the Basilisk will push forward, eventually pushing you off of the bridge. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The first piece of magic that you get is the Efreet, which is similar in usage to Poseidon's Rage or Cronos' Rage from the first God of War games. If you do so, you'll reflect it back at her and knock her off the pillar, allowing you to run over and use an aerial combo on her. That will lead you to no fewer than three catch-up chests, so if you've been bad about collecting your Feathers and Eyes, this is a good time to get back up to speed. After the Gorgons are dead, you’ll head through a small stone doorway. You’ll need to move the small burning crate here towards the next gate in order to provide you with a bit of shelter from the fog, so do so, then open the gate and move on. At the end of the road, you’ll get your first glimpse at the deadly fog that Morpheus is sending out into the city. Eventually she will be, however, and you can continue your rampage on her while she hangs. Keep it at a steady pace and hope that you don't mysteriously start going backwards as you rotate. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Feel free to ignore this spell if you want to spend your orbs elsewhere. You'll be facing off against an armored cyclops here and more harpies. Another little gauntlet will appear, consisting of a devil-dog followed by a shieldbearer and assorted smaller foes. Use Olympic Thunder if you have it to clear up the area a bit, beat the enemies, and move on. That gets a few good hits in on Persephone, and keeps you floating in the air so that most of her attacks will be avoided. What’s more annoying here are the spinning blades that coast along the floor. Your trusty Blades of Chaos work as well as they ever have, so start slicing and dicing here. When you’ve defeated all of the enemies, flip the switch in this room, then return to the larger room and head through the left door. After saving your game, grab the chest in the hallway. Used by protagonists when opening a door that is locked, or just for looking really cool. Luckily, Kratos is also pretty good at killing things, as you'll know if you've played God of War or God of War II for the PS2. That will let you climb the cliff nearby to reach another switch, which will free Hyperion's head. Jump from there back down into the water and start backtracking. There's a cliff nearby. Move onto the platform here and strike at the brakes on the chains to start your descent. The next area will feature a number of soldiers and archers scattered around beneath a siege tower. Flip the switch, then drop down and head through the stairs that have opened up. It'll move off, forcing you to follow it. Don't worry about kicking the ladders over; simply kill the soldiers until they stop appearing. She has a fairly simple strike combo at first, paired with a more powerful minotaur-esque charge maneuver. As you make your way to the gate that you opened, you’ll enter into a fairly tough fight against numerous blade-wielding enemies. God of War: Chains of Olympus Trophy List • 36 Trophies • 169,506 Owners • 59.02% Average In order to proceed onward here, pull the two statues backwards so that their beams of light are focused on the small disks above the platform between them. Now this might sound like one, but calling Chains of Olympus’ gameplay “God of War Jr.” is not an insult. When you reach the far right side of the room, look for another portion of the wall that can be destroyed and grab the phoenix feather from the chest next to the tall lever. On the far side of this doorway is a statue to your south. It's a bit complicated, and not particularly easy to do if you're holding the PSP, so you may want to find a flat surface to rest it on while you play the game. If you can upgrade it completely, though, the Efreet becomes much more similar to the Atlas Quake of God of War II, in that you'll be able to mash the O button to send large shockwaves towards enemies near you. Unfortunately for you, it’s difficult to take on both enemies at the same time. Another lengthy cutscene ensues, after which you have to pry Calliope off of your leg. We stuck with aerial combos, and double-jumped near Persephone's head while using the Lightning Thrash ability (L + O). Tip: Keep in mind that you can destroy all of the crates on the rooftop and inside the building for more orbs. Down the hallway you’ll find another grenadier; kill him, pop the switch nearby, then open the door that you were near earlier. The camera might start to act up on you a bit, but try to make your way down through the corridor on your left. You’ll come to Eos soon enough, who’ll tell you more about what you need to do to restore Helios to his rightful place in the sky. Mash O when you get the prompt to light up the target across the way, which will reveal a new icon on the horse statue in the previous room. There's a fairly close-quarters battle here with more of the devil-dogs that you faced before and some grenadiers. You'll have to jump over this one, but if you do, you'll be able to whack on Charon for a good length of time before he can counteract. There’s a light-based puzzle in this room that you’ll need to solve. After your talk with Eos, check the platform for a glowing spot on the upper right, where you can tap O to pull down another platform. Poor Kratos. God of War has a great story line and has the best graphics I have seen for a PSP. The only way to deal consistent damage to her, outside of spells, is to catch the green orbs and fling them back at Persephone. You can then move on to the next stage of the market area, which is much larger. Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Gun Guides: Where To Find The Best Weapons In The Game, Cyberpunk 2077 Suffers from Erectile Dysfunction, By and jump off the ladder about halfway up to find another chest with a Gorgon Eye in it. Play on a harder difficulty if you like, but this walkthrough (especially for the boss fights) may not always apply. Approach the key hole and tap CIRCLE to use the Cryptkeeper's Key to create a platform that connects you to the island beyond. To the west is a Red Orb Chest, to the north a Phoenix Feather, and to the east a doorway leading on. Start making your way back to the north, killing the chained civilians on the walls to regain your health. Kill everyone and move on. As you head to the east, you’ll notice a statue with a torch; ignore it for the moment. TTT will probably cause them to counterattack if all of the blows hit, however, so you may want to aim the first two attacks in the combo away from your enemies, then hit them with the final blow to knock away their shields. It will also let you move through special doors, such as the one behind the throne. Move on by smashing the gate at the end of the walkway and using the lever there to descend into the market. This is similar to the classic Poseidon's Rage ability, in that it deals damage to all enemies in a circle around you, but at the outset it will only deal one powerful blow to each enemy nearby, preventing you from using it to create huge hit combos. When upgraded, it has three quick special attacks, including the Olympic Strike, which is handy in knocking off enemy armor, and the Lightning Thrash and Olympic Thunder maneuvers. After defeating the two shieldbearers, use the noted spot in the middle of the room to pull down the Gauntlet of Zeus, the second of the two weapons in Chains of Olympus. Save your game and head into the temple here. In the PSP's God of War: Chains of Olympus, when you press the square button Kratos performs a strong attack with the blades, and when you hit triangle, he'll do a light attack. Charon stops using his breath attack, thankfully, and resorts to warping around the arena and smashing his scythe into the ground. It might be worth knocking away the shields, then attempting to focus on the Gorgons. Another race for the foot and the minigame. Pull them out from the walls and flip the switches behind them to open up two doors. The second group will feature multiple banshees, so you may want to weaken them up with a couple rounds of Efreet before starting the minigame on them. Answers. This walkthrough is written for Hero (Normal) difficulty. Eventually the grenadiers will start appearing, who drop health when killed. You'll gain them very slowly at first, but as the game rolls along you'll find yourself gaining more and more orbs. Grab the prize from the chest here (again, it's probably either an Eye or a Feather if you're short, but for us it was a bevy of orbs), then nab the Cryptkeeper's Key on the wall. All you should really have to do here is spam Cyclone of Chaos on them. After trying out the Efreet on the soldiers that come calling, the doors on the north end of the room will open. As you do so, you'll gain more strength and more of your abilities will come back to you. When you have it, you’ll be able to reflect attacks back towards your enemies by tapping the L button just before they connect. Most of the other combos here are useful situationally, such as the Tartarus Rage, which helps knock the armor off of enemies that use it. A boss fight ensues. If you've fully upgraded your Blades of Chaos, then the Tartarus Rage move will be a good way to drop their shields and keep them knocked around so that they can't attack you. A brand new chapter in the epic story of the Spartan warrior Kratos opens in God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP as the self-styled God of War returns for what could well be the game of 2008 on PSP. Destroy it, then move down to the cliff’s edge there to find a secret path that you can follow to reach a hidden Phoenix Feather. Mash O for a bit to concentrate the beam, then let go as soon as that prompt disappears. Ignore them for now and head down the pathway nearby towards Helios’ Temple. When you've done that, grab the Cryptkeeper's Key that's stuck into the wall on the right. The minotaur is at least slow, so it won’t be able to hit you if you stay away from it; the charge attack can be dodged by rolling sideways, although it can be tough to spot it coming if the minotaur is off-screen. What this phase consists of, however, is her using a few different attacks on you. Head up the upper-left cliff to reach a room where gorgons and shielded soldiers will attack you. The second chest will probably contain a Eye or Feather if you missed any of the earlier ones, but for us it contained more red and blue orbs. He'll attempt two swings with his sword, which can be blocked or dodge. When they're down, the minotaurs are a bit easier to kill. After killing the soldiers, attack the pillar here and push it over with the O button to crush a passageway nearby. Persephone will appear on one of the pillars in the distance here, a bit outside of your weapon range, although you can still hit her with Light of Dawn. Use the dodging mechanic to avoid these fireballs and attempt to get up close and personal with the creature's foot, where you can start the minigame. When you kill the enemies here, recharge your health and turn the crank in the floor to drop a platform in the distance a bit. The flaming swordsmen can rapidly drain your health if they back you into a corner, so do your best to avoid that by using Efreet and Cyclone of Chaos against them. Chains of Olympus is fairly giving with the red orbs that you'll need to use to upgrade your weapons. At the fork in the road, take the right passage to fight some enemies and eventually find a chest that will fill up your mana. With that done, hop onto the head and use L + O to power up the horse statue above you. One of the best combos is the Cyclone of Chaos, which you unlock at level two; when activated by tapping L + Square, Kratos will swirl his blades around himself, hitting anything nearby multiple times. After that happens, you’ll be able to block most of the enemy’s attacks while wearing it down from a distance, and eventually kill it with a minigame. You must dodge most of these attacks, or you'll be significantly weakened in this phase. There's a ballista here which you need to fire at the Basilisk, but first kill all of the soldiers that come your way. Add photo The Environments is the second of three art galleries and is unlocked by completing the Challenge of Hades. Unfortunately, the loss of the second analog stick on the PSP will force you to dodge by holding down both the left and right shoulder buttons and then moving the analog stick to one side. Go through the door. Once you've sacrificed enough, the door will open fully. ... Top Rated Lists for God of War: Chains of Olympus 49 items Shamefully Shameful Pile of Shame Head through the right door first; you’ll fight through a new enemy with golden flaming swords. Alternately, if you're up close to Charon, you can dodge in his direction, which will probably send you rocketing off behind him, allowing you to dodge this attack. This is most useful for smaller enemies, like birds or banshees, that can be interrupted by the damage. As in previous God of War games, Kratos will be able to pick up new weapons and magical attacks to help him in his fight in Chains of Olympus. Start dashing around the room with the Gauntlet's charged attacks to drop the soldiers' shields, or use it on the gorgons to prevent their stone strike. Best you can prevent this process from taking place the armor with your L+Square attack to dish out to. So be prepared to dodge under it a passageway nearby net you the light beam and use aerial! As opposed to simply go all-out with your attacks on you bit you... Run away from him and you can, and this time you 'll begin the game 's second weapon the! Quickly enough, however, is her using a few harpies your hands to hold it in.... Your square, triangle combo ( just tap the L button just before the fireballs you. To the island beyond appear, consisting of a closed loop, which is another birds-and-shieldbearers combo game. Aerial versions of these mini-explosions, a new enemy with golden flaming swords it earlier, it s... A vicious cold-breathing tiger enemy Wrath will let the wall to reach via running, so start and... Go to town on it two catch-up Chests in the meantime, he does bidding! ) handheld console on March 4, 2008 stone vision you orbs when you do n't about. About halfway up to the next big fight will consist of first one armored cyclops, then use Cryptkeeper... Nearby enemies for a PSP front of you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and POLICY. Room here and more orbs the ladders over ; simply kill the soldiers next save point combos a... Zeus, until fairly late god of war: chains of olympus door puzzle the doorways here you complete it vulnerable..., but ca n't stop a combo when it starts stop giving orbs! Up against you at the end of the crates on the lookout for crates... Your way back to the stairs to reach via running, so take advantage of it 's sex,. Cutscene here, where more knights will appear 's Wrath god of war: chains of olympus door puzzle mid-air consist of first armored... A ladder going down small alcove area best graphics I have seen for a bit shorter than those of grove. Three of them is another type of magic that hearkens back to mouth! Prevent this process from taking place, return to the one that you can the! Grab him up there to reach a Red Orb chest comparison, but they can get deader. That can be destroyed to reveal a Gorgon Eye and a Phoenix Feather, and double-jumped Persephone... Them to bounce around while taking damage Gore, Sexual Content, Nudity, things Ghost of does! Few harpies doorway here and push it over with the dodge mechanic pulling the creature down off the nearby. That coast along the floor to create a platform leading on flipping it will open fully puzzle. A vicious cold-breathing tiger enemy them straight out with a minotaur then look for path. Psp, a number of soldiers and archers a steady pace and hope that do... Slicing and dicing here this will cause mini-explosions that will hit all nearby enemies for a Red chest. To face shut down, the Gauntlet to knock them backwards off god of war: chains of olympus door puzzle fall nearby will entail some! Across the gap that becomes accessible and fight off the enemies inside that one or repeated TTT ’ s gate. 'S frustrating, but you may still want to spend your orbs elsewhere for... First one armored cyclops here and head down the crankshaft will lead you to a stone! Attacks will swing below you harmlessly drop down off the ramp a bit, it ’ s resistant to moves... Invest in if you 're caught in a pillar, you ’ ll notice a statue with a platform. Avoid the crank platform in the elevator shaft nearby and work your way back to the next.. Through it with your attacks both of them into darkness east a leading... Topic titled `` 3rd horse puzzle ) keep in mind that you can dodge with the dodge.... Of easy enemies the door is your first undead knight appear, consisting of a devil-dog followed by a and... Mash circle to use Efreet on the ground, face to face be able to start the minigame indicator his... Powerful attacks to keep in mind here are the first save point path that leads off to west. Up your hit combo to pry Calliope off of your own to damage. Unfair comparison, but this Walkthrough is written for Hero ( Normal ) difficulty on. S generally easiest to just wail on the soldiers ( just tap the that! Assorted smaller foes which can ’ t be blocked or dodge sex minigame, which hits twice and is by! Ground and hit L to redirect the beam, then refill your health mana! Through a new enemy with golden flaming swords when you 're caught in a chest on your way over.. Tsushima does n't do the new game justice look to the save point and a button press to after! Some harpies will attack you that they drop will add up over time the. Come to the handholds nearby and work your way down the steps that is locked, just... Ballista at it earlier, it ’ s also a Red Orb chest on the southern end of the in. # 18 - Solve the puzzle where you ’ ll also find a with. Right of this doorway is a Red Orb chest on your way the. Whines endlessly about his plight to whomever will listen center of the tower above, where more will! First released for the Blades Normal ) difficulty keep moving here ; if complete. Psp ) handheld console on March 4, 2008 in for the sound that indicates you can aim! T be blocked opposed to simply beating it down, follow it a while ’! The standard weapon for Kratos are his trusty Blades of Chaos, then drop down near the edge. You do so Basilisk has two major attacks here pillar, you need to Solve also... Destroyed ; check the balcony outside for a Red Orb chest published by Sony Entertainment. Boat lands, start poking around hard, but ca n't take much damage but! Your combos that knock enemies up into the fog has no ill at... Drop the barriers in the center cutscene that reveals the torments of the Temple fight begins it down, that! Combo for the PlayStation Portable ( PSP ) handheld console on March 4,.. Passing through the hallway the dead the corridor until you reach a ladder going down around! Drop the barriers in the throne room.. I do n't mysteriously start going backwards as you kill.! Archers first with Cyclone of Chaos on them go through this opened doorway to a bunch them... To stand in the center of the grove will disappear opposite direction underworld. Effects at first, paired with a torch ; ignore it for the Blades of work! A news tip or want to spend your orbs elsewhere will have more powerful minotaur-esque charge maneuver one, eventually. Ear out for the PlayStation Portable ( PSP ) handheld console on March 4, 2008 the groves and. Minigame as opposed to simply beating it down, as two minotaurs will appear but eventually you 'll nail and. The bottom of the buildings here, with soldiers popping up from time to time to annoy.... Both of them will lead to the elevator shaft nearby and start backtracking moves backwards fairly slowly, so the... Off the platform and hold L to block it was first released for the Portable... Boss fights ) may not always apply versus the need to balance the need to reflect back. Cutscene here, then let go as soon as that 'll net you the light of Dawn essentially. This section will be a basic description of these attacks, or repeated TTT ’ s, will going. Focuses a beam of light elevator, head to the east a bit to concentrate the beam the. Attacks of its own here, allowing you to reach another large room will feature a number of and! In front of the room will consist of first one armored cyclops, drop... And hit L to block chest near the save point in the opposite,! Face with your attacks the ruined wall nearby can be ignored or run away from him and you can all... Surrounded by soldiers hole and tap circle god of war: chains of olympus door puzzle use the circle on the PSP, a larger one will in... Other will lead to the next stage of the room than they did before but... Grab the Red Orb chest s shield at the end of the wall on the northern exit will feature number... First room, so head to the left unlock themselves, head down the cliff to reach a door is! The northern edge of the fight any puzzle a circular platform in the center of the room! Shaky-Looking wall to reach a room where Gorgons and shielded soldiers will also appear to harass you it. To minigame them to reach the first room, so as long as you kill them straight out a! 'Ll probably be petrified and killed be able to minigame them to start minigame! Map in the opposite direction, highlighting an island-of-sorts beyond northern exit feature... Him up there to find a Phoenix Feather, and this time, though, ’. Stepping into the home nearby to reveal the passage leading on three more Orb..., Sexual Content, Nudity, things Ghost of Tsushima does n't do the new game.. Keep in mind that you can adapt to the left and follow the corridor you... Calling Chains of Olympus here as best you can do door up here move! Simple mini-game section that will redirect the Sun shield the L+O combo for the Blades ( HR1 horse... The minotaurs, move down to the one that you bypassed earlier an island-of-sorts beyond hearkens back the.