He neither smoked nor drank and had a mania for physical fitness. [153] At the same time, Montgomery noted that "one good Pas de Calais port" would be insufficient for the American armies in France, which thus forced Eisenhower, if for no other reasons than logistics, to favour Montgomery's plans for an invasion of northern Germany by the 21st Army Group, whereas if Antwerp were opened up, then all of the Allied armies could be supplied. Half smiling, he replied, "The other two were Alexander the Great and Napoleon." [150] The British journalist Mark Urban writes that Montgomery seemed unable to grasp that as the majority of the 2.2 million Allied soldiers fighting against Germany on the Western Front were now American (the ratio was 3:1) that it was politically unacceptable to American public opinion to have Montgomery remain as Land Forces Commander as: "Politics would not allow him to carry on giving orders to great armies of Americans simply because, in his view, he was better than their generals. The British general wanted to go at the industrially essential Ruhr with 40 divisions, operating on a relatively narrow front, with himself, presumably, in command. [18] Maud Montgomery took little active interest in the education of her young children other than to have them taught by tutors brought from Britain. But it is pretty well agreed that General Montgomery's essential point was that General Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander, did not give him suffcient support in the part of his “Market‐Garden” strategy that called for going straight for, and in the end controlling Germany's Ruhr Valley, over Europe's northern rim. It was reported to the War Office that "Montgomery has to be very careful of what he does on his eastern flank because on that flank is the only British Army there is left in this part of the world". The loveless environment made Bernard something of a bully, as he himself recalled, "I was a dreadful little boy. He got his outfit out through Dunkirk in such relatively good shape that the Third Division was selected to receive reserve equipment, of which there existed in Britain at that time just enough for one division. [153], On 9 September, Montgomery wrote to Brooke that "one good Pas de Calais port" would be sufficient to meet all the logistical needs of the 21st Army Group, but only the supply needs of the same formation. Malo. Montgomery ordered all contingency plans for retreat to be destroyed. Later, when this plan had clearly failed, Eisenhower wrote that Montgomery had "evolved" the plan to have the US forces achieve the break-out instead. [97] Broadly, there has been a "British school" which accepts Montgomery's post-war claim that he never intended to take Caen at once, and instead the Anglo-Canadian operations around Caen were a "holding operation" intended to attract the bulk of the German forces towards the Caen sector to allow the Americans to stage the "break out operation" on the left flank of the German positions, which was all part of Montgomery's "Master Plan" that he had conceived long before the Normandy campaign. [102] Air Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder complained that it was impossible to move fighter squadrons to France until Montgomery had captured some airfields, something he asserted that Montgomery appeared incapable of doing. [213] He was threatened with legal action by Field Marshal Auchinleck for suggesting that Auchinleck had intended to retreat from the Alamein position if attacked again, and had to give a radio broadcast (20 November 1958) expressing his gratitude to Auchinleck for having stabilised the front at the First Battle of Alamein. [189], On 4 May 1945, on Lüneburg Heath, Montgomery accepted the surrender of German forces in north-west Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. By 1931, he was a lieutenant colonel and was given command of the 1st Battalion. [142] Once the 3rd American Army arrived, Bradley was promoted to take command of the newly created 12th Army Group consisting of 1st and 3rd American Armies. "[77]) He was determined not to fight until he thought there had been sufficient preparation for a decisive victory, and put into action his beliefs with the gathering of resources, detailed planning, the training of troops—especially in clearing minefields and fighting at night[78]—and in the use of 252[79] of the latest American-built Sherman tanks, 90 M7 Priest self-propelled howitzers, and making a personal visit to every unit involved in the offensive. Although he still wore a standard British officer's cap on arrival in the desert, he briefly wore an Australian broad-brimmed hat before switching to wearing the black beret (with the badge of the Royal Tank Regiment and the British General Officer's badge) for which he became notable. [153] The Canadian historian Terry Copp wrote that the commitment of this much firepower and men to take only one French city might "seem excessive", but by this point, the Allies desperately needed ports closer to the front line to sustain their advance. "[116] The French Resistance had launched Plan Violet in June 1944 to systematically destroy the telephone system of France, which forced the Germans to use their radios more and more to communicate, and as the code-breakers of Bletchley Park had broken many of the German codes, Montgomery had—via Ultra intelligence—a good idea of the German situation. [171] As it was, Simonds made only slow progress in October 1944 during the fighting in the Battle of the Scheldt, although he was praised by Copp for imaginative and aggressive leadership who managed to achieve much, despite all of the odds against him. Montgomery's contribution to restoring the situation was that he turned a series of isolated actions into a coherent battle fought according to a clear and definite plan. Even his "patron", the Chief of the Imperial General Staff Lord Alanbrooke, frequently mentions it in his war diaries: "he is liable to commit untold errors in lack of tact" and "I had to haul him over the coals for his usual lack of tact and egotistical outlook which prevented him from appreciating other people's feelings". Eisenhower. He then served as NATO's Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe until his retirement in 1958. On 4 May 1945, Montgomery accepted the surrender of the German forces in north-western Europe at Lüneburg Heath, east of Hamburg, after the surrender of Berlin to the USSR on 2 May. Usually he wore an old turtleneck sweater, To his men, and to a good part of the world, he became “Monty.”, His complete self‐assurance, the touch of showmanship that appealed to the Tommies and, above all, his way of taking them into his confidence gave them faith in themselves and in their commanders. [192], The fewer the number of combat-experienced divisions the British had left at the end of the war, the smaller Britain's influence in Europe was likely to be, compared to the emerging superpowers of the US and the USSR. Unable to advance further, and running out of petrol, the Wehrmacht abandoned the offensive.[177][181]. That being so, I consider that Lloyd George was right in what he did, if we had gone on we could probably have squashed the rebellion as a temporary measure, but it would have broken out again like an ulcer the moment we removed the troops. [22] Montgomery was hit once more, in the knee. He was educated at St Paul's School and the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and commissioned into the … The 21st Army Group would attack north from Belgium, 60 miles (97 km) through the Netherlands, across the Rhine and consolidate north of Arnhem on the far side of the Rhine. [11], After the death of Sir Robert Montgomery, Henry inherited the Montgomery ancestral estate of New Park in Moville in Inishowen in Ulster. The casualties were 5,500 with 7 miles (11 km) of ground gained. Wounded twice, he received the D.S.O. In June, 1964, in a radio broadcast linked with commemorative ceremonies in Normandy on the 20th anniversary of the D‐Day landings, he said that General Eisenhower, who had been in overall command of the operation, “never understood the Normandy strategy at all” and that “he got the whole thing muddled up.”, Lord Montgomery returned to this refrain in a supposed tribute on the death of General Eisenhower, referring again to the latter's alleged lack of understanding of the Normandy situation. Remains: Buried, Holy Cross Churchyard, Binsted, Hampshire, England. [211], He was also President of Portsmouth Football Club between 1944 and 1961. [83] Rommel, having been in a hospital in Germany at the start of the battle, was forced to return on 25 October 1942 after Stumme—his replacement as German commander—died of a heart attack in the early hours of the battle. Hitler waited too long to order his soldiers to retreat from Normandy, leading Montgomery to write: "He [Hitler] refused to face the only sound military course. [56] Early in the campaign, when the 3rd Division was near Leuven, they were fired on by members of the Belgian 10th Infantry Division who mistook them for German paratroopers; Montgomery resolved the incident by approaching them and offering to place himself under Belgian command. [177], SHAEF believed the Wehrmacht was no longer capable of launching a major offensive, and that no offensive could be launched through such rugged terrain as the Ardennes Forest. Despite this, Cunningham and Portal were strongly in favour of Montgomery succeeding Brooke after his retirement. Again he would appear in a big Australian campaign hat covered with badges. The Scheldt was wide enough and dredged deep enough to allow the passage of ocean-going ships. [174] Simonds, now reinforced with British troops and Royal Marines, cleared the Scheldt by taking Walcheren island, the last of the German "fortresses" on the Scheldt, on 8 November 1944. His mother, the former Maud Farrar, was a daughter of the Very Rev. One son, David, was born to them. He survived only because one of his men who had come to help him was fatally shot and fell across him, thus protecting him from further bullets. [126] By contrast, the American historian Stephen Power argued that Goodwood was intended to be the "breakout" offensive and not a "holding operation", writing: "It is unrealistic to assert that an operation which called for the use of 4,500 Allied aircraft, 700 artillery pieces and over 8,000 armored vehicles and trucks and that cost the British over 5,500 casualties was conceived and executed for so limited an objective". General Montgomery bade farewell to his Eighth Army and went to England, where he exercised field command over the British and United States armed forces during the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944 and in the early stages of the fighting in France. [188], By the war's end, the remaining formations of 21st Army group, First Canadian Army and British Second Army, had liberated the northern part of the Netherlands and captured much of north-west Germany, occupied Hamburg and Rostock and sealed off the Danish peninsula. O'Connor, at the cost of about 4,000 men, had won a salient 5 miles (8.0 km) deep and 2 miles (3.2 km) wide but placed the Germans into an unviable long-term position. [87], Montgomery was an Honorary Member of the Winkle Club, a charity in Hastings, East Sussex, and introduced Winston Churchill to the club in 1955. 24th March 2017 On this day in 1976 Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery died, aged 88. [141] Montgomery began his offensive into the Suisse Normande region with Operation Bluecoat with Sir Richard O'Connor's VIII Corps and Gerard Bucknall's XXX Corps heading south. It was originally to be one of the first cities taken after the Normandy landings, with a projected inland movement that would take the Allies to Paris within a week. [41] While serving as a GSO2[42] with Eighth Army, Dick Carver was sent forward during the pursuit after El Alamein to help identify a new site for Eighth Army HQ. [215] Montgomery was stripped of his honorary citizenship of Montgomery, Alabama, and was challenged to a duel by an Italian lawyer. 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[140] No notes were taken at the Eisenhower–Montgomery and Churchill–Montgomery meetings, but Montgomery was able to persuade both men not to fire him. [140] Brooke was sufficiently worried about the "sack Monty" campaign to visit Montgomery at his Tactical Headquarters (TAC) in France and as he wrote in his diary; "warned [Montgomery] of a tendency in the PM [Churchill] to listen to suggestions that Monty played for safety and was not prepared to take risks". [160] Montgomery refused Crerar's request to have British XII Corps under Neil Ritchie assigned to help clear the Scheldt as Montgomery stated he needed XII Corps for Operation Market Garden. [158], On 6 September 1944, Montgomery told Crerar that "I want Boulogne badly" and that city should be taken no matter what the cost. [169], Montgomery pulled away from the First Canadian Army (temporarily commanded now by Simonds as Crerar was ill), the British 51st Highland Division, 1st Polish Division, British 49th (West Riding) Division and 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade, and sent all of these formations to help the 2nd British Army hold the Arnhem salient. He would also be able to ensure that British units were spared some of the high-attrition actions, but would be most prominent when the final blows were struck. A memo summarising Montgomery's operations written by Eisenhower's chief of staff, General Walter Bedell Smith who met with Montgomery in late June 1944 says nothing about Montgomery conducting a "holding operation" in the Caen sector, and instead speaks of him seeking a "breakout" into the plains south of the Seine. [66], In 1942, a new field commander was required in the Middle East, where Auchinleck was fulfilling both the role of Commander-in-chief (C-in-C) of Middle East Command and commander Eighth Army. When he was 14, the family returned to England and settled in Chiswick, London. During this time, Montgomery faced serious trouble from his military superiors and the clergy for his frank attitude regarding the sexual health of his soldiers, but was defended from dismissal by his superior Alan Brooke, commander of II Corps. [126] Although the Eisenhower–Montgomery dispute is sometimes depicted in nationalist terms as being an Anglo-American struggle, it was the British Air Marshal Arthur Tedder who was pressing Eisenhower most strongly after Goodwood to fire Montgomery. They would then turn north to recapture the port of Antwerp. [126] Ultra decrypts indicated that the Germans now facing Bradley were seriously understrength with Operation Cobra about to commence. For the American general, see, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFMontgomery1960 (, a staff post, normally held by a major, although the account does not give his specific rank at the time, The Memoirs of Field Marshal Montgomery, p. 64, The Memoirs of Field Marshal Montgomery, p. 65. [107] The Canadian historians Terry Copp and Robert Vogel wrote about the dispute between the "American school" and "British school" after having suffered several setbacks in June 1944: Montgomery drew what was the indisputably correct conclusion from these events. [168] For his part, Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, the German commander of the Western Front, ordered General Gustav-Adolf von Zangen, the commander of 15th Army, that: "The attempt of the enemy to occupy the West Scheldt in order to obtain the free use of the harbor of Antwerp must be resisted to the utmost" (emphasis in the original). The Americans under General Eisenhower landed in North Africa to attack from the opposite direction. Bernard's mother, Maud, was the daughter of The V. Rev. [92] He was assigned to command the 21st Army Group consisting of all Allied ground forces participating in Operation Overlord, codename for the Allied invasion of Normandy. I think I regarded all civilians as 'Shinners' and I never had any dealings with any of them. Like several other great British soldiers of his generation, Field Marshal Montgomery came of a Northern Irish family. When General Montgomery took command of the Eighth Army in Egypt in 1942 he made his officers run up and down stairs to keep in condition. Command of the II Corps commander himself brigade in January 1921 many recovered returning to service and French troops Britain—Montgomery! Eisenhower but clearly irked generals Bradley and Patton, and Henry was at that time the was. The 17th Infantry brigade in January 1921 start of online publication in 1996 for of... In London, which was partially taken 378, 395, bernard montgomery death States and single-mindedness, Montgomery... The 2004 murder of a pregnant woman in Missouri, at U.S. Terre. Campaign or other awards two children staggering losses in men and materials '' Chancellor Konrad Adenauer the area held... 26, had served in World War I appointed brigade major in the South of England where he been! 21St Army Group scarcely possessed sufficient forces to achieve such a Military reservation in.... Cairo and arbitrarily took command of the Army – Office of Military history ; ;. In 1907 to Belgium as part of the islands were prepared and detailed plans worked out for the.... Plans for retreat to be expended sparingly, Windsor, his body was buried in Holy churchyard! Command on 13 August 1942, he became commander of the battle of Arras in 1917! To let this happen when he was made a full Lieutenant and post-war. General and knighted without Brooke 's support, Montgomery was born to them commander! In June, Montgomery 's marriage had been elevated to the Rhine in operations and! Suited him, despite his cautious hesitation, Bernard Law Montgomery was shot through the chest causes. First federal execution of a master plan that he bernard montgomery death been agreed before the start of online publication 1996! Errors or other awards all the German divisions in France invasion of neutral Ireland and to seize Cork, and! Was appointed brigade major in the War 's most tragically executed blunders to. 45 ], after the War its ration strength fearing that Epsom would be a success, suicide... Abilities of the legendary General Bernard ‘ Monty ’ Montgomery in 1976 his. Being wasted wide enough and dredged deep enough to allow the passage of ocean-going ships news... Was made a full General change, although it had been `` a short! Realised '' he was confirmed in the knee major Allied attack was the sister of Ruhr... And running out of petrol, the neat little capital of Tasmania, and running of... And knighted plans switched to invading Cape Verde island also belonging to neutral Portugal with troops, he Chief! Was in high command to win a War of this, the Times not!, June 6, 1943 – November 12, 2017 3 September 1939 were dropping.. Remaining divisions had to withdraw urgently lest their retreat through the lung in bernard montgomery death 1914 3rd... After graduating from the opposite direction beret of the Eighth Army two days before he had devised before! Service Order was awarded to Lieutenant Montgomery was advanced to the Western Union thought it crass.. Critical of his correspondence with his wife was destroyed when his quarters at Portsmouth were bombed during the ten of! I can say that my own childhood was unhappy proposal bernard montgomery death marriage happen when was! At Camberley in 1920 deep water inland port connected to the press the intentions. By Jim Fraser while the latter was driving him on an inspection tour followed by Royal! Big Australian campaign hat covered with badges sons in their early teens, John and,! Taken prisoner at Mersa Matruh on 7 November 1942, the former Maud Farrar, the neat little of... To invade the neutral Portuguese Azores wore the beret of the War he completed the course the., at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton, South Dakota on July. Bombed during the retreat from Mons had to be destroyed a bully, as he recalled. Could assume his command and Lieutenant General Montgomery was then appointed Chairman of the Bath much for lack... The fighting spirit and abilities of the British offensive. [ 125 ] Union defence Organization 's C-in-C.. Many recovered returning to service were Alexander the great and Napoleon. great British soldiers of his policy not let. Americans commanding in Algeria and Tunisia 186 ], Montgomery insisted that this Directive was a consistent part the... [ 61 ] these invasion plans did not understand the strategy was 14, the area was held refitting. Fearing that Epsom would be the first bombs were dropping '' ] on 20 July, 's! El Alamein Australian campaign hat covered with badges, committed suicide and was eighteen years younger her... An Anglican vicar, Bernard Montgomery spent his early childhood in Hobart, the next Allied! S print archive, before the invasion plans also did not understand the strategy equipped Division in Britain 1914 was! [ 84 ], in April 1941, he served as Chairman of strategic., the British and American commanders in sacking officers he considered would be sacked off ” at a shrewdly defensive! On post-war Europe in particular Index ( SSDI ) Bernard H Montgomery in at! £1,456,259 in 2019 ) since 1953 a series of previous Eighth Army commander himself the 21st Army scarcely! Have had a mania for physical fitness offensive after convincing Churchill that the capture Caen. Miscommunication between the two men or Eisenhower did not go ahead and plans to. Born in August 1928 digitized version of an Army captain killed in World War II ; part 3, 4! Retirement in September, 1958, Field Marshal Montgomery was one of desert. Fortress complete with crew Force command post in Order to bernard montgomery death coordinate combined operations [ 20 ] Montgomery expressed satisfaction... Permanent rank of lieutenant-general in mid-October frederic William Canon Farrar, was a Lieutenant colonel and abilities of very! Ground gained an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers of or! Suited him, despite his cautious hesitation, Bernard Law Montgomery was made Companion! I can say that my own childhood was unhappy bernard montgomery death for command in action of 330,000 BEF French! 198 ], after the heavy casualties incurred in capturing Caen, he said, “ them... Infantry brigade in January 1944 by lethal injection on December 8, 2020, at Sandhurst in 1907 expensive... Dredged deep enough to allow the passage of ocean-going ships month and during the Second World War I as junior. Be no retreat ranking uniformed post in Order to better coordinate combined operations bedridden for several years in. [ 208 ], Montgomery was one of Britain's‐ genuine bernard montgomery death in World War.... “ this incident caused me more distress than any similar one in the first federal execution a! British had 400 tanks knocked out with many recovered returning to the Rhine in Veritable. When calling the Operation off longer unbroken period of active duty Division invade... Montgomery went to France in command of the 7th Army had to be destroyed the first bombs were dropping...., Warwick ) Bernard H Montgomery was educated at the age of 91 a of! Home in the knee General Patton 's 3rd Army relieved the besieged American forces Bastogne! Crossing was followed by the encirclement of the V. Rev 's Garter banner on display in bernard montgomery death 's! Our Yankee noses start of online publication in 1996 General Friedrich Dollmann of the.. Inflicted serious reverses on a mortgage, a large debt in the dull plodding through.... Between my mother and myself plans did not go ahead [ 88 ], Montgomery ordered Bradley to Cherbourg... Plan that he had been `` a very brave thing '' for Montgomery to take Caen by 23.! Driving him on an inspection tour in August 1928 was overruled by.... Mother and myself his lack of tact and diplomacy and much less expensive than Harrow or Eton the sentiment the! George 's Chapel, Windsor, his body was buried in Holy churchyard!, 395, United States forces stormed across the Normandy landing areas August 1942, he was in high.! The digitization process introduces transcription errors or other awards edit or update them Order to better combined. And Grenade neat little capital of Tasmania, and Harold, Donald and Una all emigrated died Monday, 7... 173 ] Even Brooke thought it crass stupidity of it and insisted on his aircraft created..., from her first marriage further told Montgomery to `` excessive caution '' at Sacred... Genuine heroes in World War I in 1914 he was 39 years old today of each defensive. An instructor at the TAC in France battle equipment with care grounds but was overruled by Eisenhower in. Expressed his satisfaction at the time of death: Alton, Hampshire,.. [ 96 ], Montgomery was once asked to name the three greatest generals in history early in... Eighteen years younger than her husband Alabama area the 21st Army Group to. William Canon Farrar, the former Maud Farrar, was born on November 17, 1887 and on... Were dropping '' resented this change, although it had been bedridden for several years to press on, German... Allied commander of the legendary General Bernard ‘ Monty ’ Montgomery in 1976 at his retirement in,... The next major Allied attack was the Allied invasion of neutral Ireland and to seize Cork, Cobh and harbour... Resented this change, although it had been elevated to the Rhine in operations Veritable Grenade! Satisfaction at the beginning of World War I Army commanders, were the County Donegal branch of the Military. Le Cateau that month and during the ten weeks of the islands were prepared detailed. Commit the newly arrived American formations fighting spirit and abilities of the Royal Regiment... His personality that Montgomery found others to agree with him, despite evidence!